10 ways to use Tahini!

I borrowed this from Suma, our wonderful wholesaler ..!  (thanks guys)


As well as being a versatile store cupboard staple, tahini is a great source of protein, calcium and B vitamins and a useful ingredient in vegan recipes. So dig that half empty jar of tahini from the back of your fridge and use it to create these mouth-watering taste sensations. Who said anything about hummus?

Use it as a marinade

Rub tahini and a bit of smoked paprika onto tofu steaks or chunky veg before grilling or frying. Scatter over some sesame seeds for added crunch.

In coleslaw

Liven up coleslaw with a dressing of tahini, yoghurt and lime juice in place of the reliable-yet-somewhat-predictable mayo option.

Alternative to pesto

Want a fresh take on pesto? Put a big bunch of basil in the food processor with a heaped teaspoon of tahini, garlic clove, the zest and juice of a lemon and plenty of olive oil.

Baba ganoush

By far the most delicious use of an aubergine ever … blister the whole aubergine over a gas hob until the skin is blackened then roast it until tender. Once cooled, scoop out the aubergine flesh and blend it with garlic, lemon, tahini and oil. Serve with warm pitta and try not to eat the whole lot in one go!

On roasted cauliflower

If you usually have your cauliflower boiled – try it roasted. You’ll never look back. Toss raw cauliflower in tahini, cumin and lemon juice before popping it in the oven until browned and lovely.

Cucumber yoghurt dip

Tahini, cucumber and yoghurt are a match made in heaven, especially if you throw in some chopped parsley or mint as well.

Take mash to the next level

Swirl tahini, olive oil, a bit of nutmeg and seasoning into mashed potatoes or other root veg for a richer, nuttier mash experience.

Simple salad dressing

One part dark tahini works well for this with two parts water, a good squeeze of lemon and some toasted cumin seeds. Oh and some salad.

Posh dipping sauce

Whizz tahini, crushed garlic, a dash of white wine vinegar and water in a blender. Serve it with a whole head of cooked globe artichoke for a classy dinner party starter.

Speedy noodle dinner

Speedy supper needed? Toss some cooked noodles in a wok with tahini, sweet chilli sauce, frozen peas and a splash of water, then garnish with fresh coriander. Ten minutes from start to finish. Not including the washing up.