Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflex is a lovely way to nurture your baby with loving touch.
Reflexology is an ancient therapy used to promote relaxation, good health, and feelings of well being, by connecting to reflex points on the feet and hands.  Baby reflex is specially adapted reflexology for young babies applied by the parent to the babies feet. Mothers who have used Baby Reflex techniques have found that they were able to sooth and calm their babies, and that their sleep patterns improved. More importantly babies seem to love it , often falling asleep,  and once they become accustomed to it offering their feet when they wish to receive it .

How is it taught?
Baby Reflex is taught in 3 weekly x I hour workshops which are  themed
1 feeding/digesting
2 sleeping/comforting
3 well being

Why is it themed?
Teaching parents in bite sized chunks allows them to absorb the information in easily remembered themed sessions.

Why would parents choose Baby Reflex?
Many parents have tried or heard of the many benefits of reflexology. With the modern climate of parents seeking alternatives : Baby Reflex offers the benefits of a safe , non invasive , drug free natural therapy.

What is the difference between baby massage and Baby Reflex?
Baby Reflex is portable, there is no requirement to remove clothes and in fact can be enjoyed anywhere .

Who can demonstrate Baby Reflex?
Only qualified reflexologists and appropriately qualified Health Professionals .

Classes are held by Suzanne Howlett who is a qualified reflexologist and member of the AOR ( Association of reflexologists ) and is a recognised teacher with Baby Reflex .