Our Favourite Honey-based Beauty Recipes

We simply love honey! As a food, it has many amazing properties however we also love to use it as a skin product too. Here are some of our favourite honey-based skin care recipes from the internet that we had to share with you! Try these simple tips and tricks at home. If you need to top up your honey supply, don’t forget locally-sourced honey is available at The Green Parrot shop.

1. Honey face mask
Simple to make, for normal skin all you need is an apple, cored and diced, and two tablespoons of good quality honey. Chop the apple in a food processor, then mix in the honey and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Pat on to your face, leave for 30 minutes then rinse! Easy!

For more on this recipe, or for different skin types, please visit:

2. Honey & lemon spot treatment
Both known as natural antibacterial foods, honey is great combined with lemon to help reduce the appearance of spots and acne. Simply cut a lemon in half, spread a teaspoon of honey on the flesh of the lemon, and rub on to the affected areas. Leave for 10 minutes and then gently wipe off any residue from the honey. Please be careful with this recipe if you have sensitive skin as lemons are acidic.


3. Honey Moisturiser
As a moisturiser, simply smear honey over particularly dry areas and leave for 30 minutes. Then gently wash off, leaving you with smooth, silky skin. This can also be used in your hair to nourish and reduce dryness.

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