Humble Honey Food Recipes

Due to Honey being sweeter than sugar, however much lower on the GI scale (your body turns honey into glucose much slower than sugar) it can be a fantastic replacement for sugar in many home baked goodies. So as it’s Honey week here at the Green Parrot we thought we put together a few of our favourite sugar replacement recipes and a few recipes that just use honey anyway.

The classic flapjack. Now, we all know that the flapjack is an absolute favourite across the board, and you can pretty much make these in your sleep with whatever ingredients you have left over in the cupboard. However it doesn’t have to be made using sugar and golden syrup, it can be made using honey, and in our opinion it makes them all the more sweeter.

Not only are Nillas flapjacks sugar free, and replaced with Honey, but they’re also gluten and dairy free, sounds like the perfect treat to us.

2. Another absolute classic, are honey roasted carrots and parsnips. We think that our roasts wouldn’t be complete with this sweet but savoury combination. Some say you should even try honey with Brussel sprouts, something perhaps to spruce up your Sunday lunch.

3. Although this isn’t a recipe. it’s a handy guide on how to replace sugar with honey for whenever you’re in the need for a sweet treat, but can’t bring yourself to find a new recipe with honey in it. Use this simple guide to calculate how much honey you’d need in nearly any recipe.