The Montmorency Cherry

When we think of cherries you could be excused for casting your mind to a sugar laden, booze covered, red berry on the end of a cocktail stick, however cherries aren’t all made the same. The Morello Cherry, the cherry we buy by the punnet in the summer and quite often found decorating the top of a fruit cake at christmas, is a much sweeter variety of cherries making them absolutely delicious for us to eat. Because of their high fructose content, they contain much less nutritional value than their more sour brother, in comes the Montmorency cherry, this little sour berry is almost the opposite of it’s sweeter brother. Pop one of these in your mouth and you might not like the taste nearly as much, and they do take a little longer to used to the taste.

The difference between the two lies much deeper than just the taste though, the Montmorency cherry is commonly regarded a superfood of the 21st Century. First founded by the Romans along the black sea, the legionnaires carried the berries with them for sustenance, and introduced them to the rest of the Roman territories. The berries were then planted along the roads, and soldiers used the fruit for food, and the wood for repairing broken weapons and building new ones. Montmorency is now the most popular sour cherry in North America, used for jams and cherry pies.

This little red berry is packed with goodness, studies show that 60ml of Montmorency cherry juice a day can help reduce inflammation, perfect for sports recovery, ease the pain of arthritis and gout, protect against heart disease and certain cancers, reduce the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance syndrome, help maintain healthy sleep patterns, and cognitive brain function, and speed up recovery rates after intense training. What are you waiting for? It literally has something for everyone. Although the taste takes a little getting used to, when drinking the liquid. The benefits from drinking it are well worth it.

For more information regarding the research into Montmorency cherries, check out the The Cherry Report or go to for more information about Cherry Juice and capsules