The Sea and It’s Supplementary Powers

The sea, or should I say the ocean, it covers the majority of our planet, and is home to many thousands if not millions of both mammals and fish. Meaning it has an incredibly rich habitat for growth, whether it’s a 180 ton blue whale, or a 2 gram shrimp, the ocean has a lot of feeding to do.

In most peoples general every day life, and because of a poor general diet of the population, the majority of us require a supplement in one way or another. Whether this is a deficiency in vitamins, and minerals, or just a little help to get our bowels moving, or our joints less achy, the ocean has a lot more to offer than first meets the eye, when we gaze out across vast expanses of blue / grey.

First and foremost when we think about sea supplements, we think primarily of fish oils, mainly cod liver oil. Fish oils are a fantastic supplement and can help ailments and problems, ranging from brain health with the omegas, to helping to control cravings for certain foods. We’ll be discussing fish oils in more depth during the week, so keep a keen eye out for more blogs on the benefits of fish oils, and omegas.

However, beneath the waves, and under the sea, among the many millions of organism, lives the humble sea weed. A delicacy in many countries, and a pain if you every get caught whilst swimming. Sea weed also has some incredible health benefits too, packed full of vitamins, and incredibly fibrous, adding a sprinkling of sea weed to your next meal certainly wouldn’t be detrimental to your health.

Sea weed is often used in cooking, however the majority of edible sea weed is either green or brown and is often know as Algae as a supplement. Algae in general is incredibly high in vitamins, however the individual colours posses different amounts of certain vitamins and also have a different macronutrient breakdown, you can read more about these during the week, as we’ll have a seaweed blog coming out really soon.

During the week, we’ll be showing you exactly what the sea has to offer, and how you can make the most out of supplements provided by it.

So keep your eyes peeled on our site as the week goes on.