Is it time for your MOT?

Imagine your car has a diesel engine – you are at the petrol station and you have a choice between Diesel and Premium-Diesel. You know that Premium-Diesel gives you better performance, but you haven’t checked your engine recently and you know it’s not quite working to it’s usual standard. So what do you do? You could still put the Premium-Diesel in your car but, realistically, it’s not going to make much difference unless your engine is in better shape, but normal diesel doesn’t give you the enhanced performance that the Premium-Diesel would give you.

Now imagine that the car is you – it’s not often that we think to check that we are at peak performance but it is something that matters a lot. If we are not helping our bodies to work at maximum efficiency then a lot of the supplements that we take might not be doing the job that they are meant to.

For example, in colder weather, it can be beneficial to take a good probiotic. Why does the health of our gut affect our immunity? Well, our immune system begins in the gut – if our stomach doesn’t have a sufficient amount of healthy flora, our immune systems detect this and start to work against our bodies, as it assumes we are sick. This uses an incredible amount of energy which can leave us feeling drained for weeks, and it also paves the way for more illnesses to get in. So by taking a good daily probiotic, it ensures that the gut is healthy and prevents the immune system from reacting to low levels of flora. For the colder weather, we recommend Optibac Probiotic’s Daily Immunity, which has added Vitamin C to help stave off any colds and flu.

Multi-Vitamins are another supplement that can ensure we are working at our best. By taking a daily Multi-Vitamin Supplement, we are ensuring that we are constantly getting a good level of all of the essential vitamins that we need for our bodies processes. This means that even if we are having an off-day where we are not eating quite as well as we should do, we are still ensuring that our bodies have what they need in order to carry on working to keep us healthy.

Using these supplements can really benefit our bodies and help reduce our chances of getting ill, but what should we do on the occasion that we should start to feel a bit sniffly? A good immune boosting supplement like Echinacea, Vitamin C and Elderberry can help to keep the bugs at bay. We love the A. Vogel Echinacea tincture, which has been shown to greatly help reduce the chances of colds and flu, and help to manage the symptoms with onset.

Unfortunately your garage isn’t likely to do a body MOT, but at the green parrot we can offer you the service you deserve.

For any further advice on how to ensure your body is running at it’s best, or to see the products mentioned in this blog, please pop into The Green Parrot Healthfoods in Swaffham and we will be happy to help.