Vitamin D

As the nights start to close in and the days get darker, it’s time to start thinking about our vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ as we get a lot of it from regular exposure, however during the winter months we may start to notice our levels decrease. Vitamin D is essential for quite a few processes in the body.

Vitamin D can aid people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression that occurs during the winter months due to a lack of sunlight. Some studies have shown an improvement of mood in those who supplement Vitamin D during this time.

Vitamin D is also thought to help the immune system. It has been shown to have some antimicrobial properties as well as enhancing innate immunity and inhibiting autoimmune disease.

Probably the most common use for Vitamin D is to aid bone health as it helps to increase the absorption of calcium and help to repair bone and cartilage.

Vitamin D deficiency has been closely linked to the development of diabetes. Some studies have shown that taking a vitamin D supplement from a young age can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by up to 80%. It has also been shown to help manage blood sugar levels due to it’s affect on insulin levels.

So, as you can see, Vitamin D is an essential vitamin, one of which we must make sure we are getting enough of. So, if you are worried about your vitamin D intake, please pop in to The Green Parrot shop for more advice.