Yoga – Vinyasa Flow

What is Vinyasa flow yoga?
Vinyasa flow sits under the umbrella of Hatha yoga and is a method of practicing asanas (physical poses) where the asanas are presented in a sequence, flowing one to the next.  The focus is on breath synchronised movement; one movement one breath, creating a union between the two sides, the sun and the moon, or the more energetic and the restful to create a beautiful balance.  Vinyasa flow leaves you feeling invigorated yet with a deep residing peace.


This style of yoga can be practiced in a dynamic form or as a slower gentle form too. The beauty with Vinyasa is the free flowing breath and the ability to get completely lost within the practice, whether it be hot and hard work or slow and gentle.  The aim is the same; to create a balanced state of being and calm sense of mind.


Is Vinyasa flow suitable for everyone?
It doesn’t matter what shape, size, age or ability you are, anyone can do yoga. With regular practice it will increase your body strength, durability and flexibility, it’s an effective stress-management tool, can aid sleep and improve posture, and develops physical and mental strength.


Joining a class with an experienced, qualified teacher will help you practice in a safe environment for your ability, and is a great way of meeting new and like-minded people.


Helen Shepherd will be running two new classes at The Green Parrot Clinic in January 2015:  Gentle Vinyasa Flow on Mondays 9.30am – 11.00am starting on 12th January, and Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays 7.00pm – 8.30pm starting on 13th January.


 Both classes are suitable for all abilities, from beginner to advance.  5 week term @ £40.  To book a place call 01760 724704.