Take control of your health this spring at Green Parrot

Hopefully we’re not speaking too soon, but Spring does now actually seem to be heroically trying to make itself visible to us through the mist and murk of another decidedly chilly winter.  In our still damp fields, hedgerows and gardens, daffodils and snowdrops are beginning to appear, pretty promises of the warmer weather that is hopefully soon to come.  And here at Green Parrot Swaffham, we’re as ready as ever to do all we can to ensure you’re ready to enjoy the (with any luck) balmy days of the new season in the best possible health.

Looking around, there’s never been more information available on how we can all eat in ways that maintain or improve our health.  Food based programmes abound on radio, television and even the internet.  For smartphone users, foodie apps are among the most popular available for download.  There seems to be a new celebrity chef on the scene with every week that passes.  Not to mention the government’s increasing inclination to advise us on what should – and should not – be on our plates.

With Easter just around the corner and the holiday season looming large, the media is filled with diets and eating plans on how to lose weight, drop a dress (or trouser) size, achieve that trim and toned beach body (whether you’re intending to hit the coast this year or not). Some of these calorie cutting schemes are new, others reworked versions of diets that have been around for many years. But what we’re about here at Green Parrot is absolutely not food fads and weight loss shortcuts – on the contrary, our team is committed is to help you help your body towards radiant health through a lifestyle based on properly balanced nutrition.

Which is why we offer such a comprehensive, carefully thought through range of multi vitamins, minerals and other beneficial food supplements, along with an ever expanding selection of beautifully fresh, organically produced local produce.  In addition, our professional eye is constantly scanning the nutritional horizon for new and better ways we can serve our customers’ specialised dietary needs.


Next time you’re in our friendly Swaffham store  – or clicking through our website at www.green-parrot.co.uk – you’ll see that we have the entire vitamin alphabet in stock – vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K.  Multivitamins, too.  Plus Amino Acids, Antioxidants and Botanicals.  Herbal remedies aplenty, together with a variety of food supplements. And if you need any guidance on where they all come from, how they all work, how to choose the most appropriate of for your needs and get the best from them, every member of our team is experienced and qualified to give you the constructive, impartial advice you need to make the right choice.

As well as our multitude of vitamins, minerals and food supplements, we’re also delighted to be able to offer Nutrition Therapy & Allergy Testing, made possible by our own long established and nationally acclaimed expert on these matters, Lorna Edge DNN MFNTP.  Nutrition Therapy is defined as the application of nutritional and dietary science to promote excellent health and help prevent disease. Lorna would be pleased to talk to you about a wide variety of symptoms that may be troubling you and which you suspect may be related to food. She has successfully treated numerous such patients/clients(?), as well as many suffering from unexplained anxiety or behavioural disorders which have turned out to be food-related.

So, as the temperature from your winter ailments becomes an unpleasant memory, to be replaced by what we all optimistically hope will be the welcome heat of spring and summer, do join us at the Green Parrot, either by visiting our Swaffham store (where there’s free parking outside and always a warm welcome inside) or www.green-parrot.co.uk. And let us help you take control of your health for spring and beyond.