Creating Changes with hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy?

People often misunderstand hypnotherapy, they worry that it’s like stage hypnosis and think they’ll be unaware and out of control. In fact the reverse is true. You’re more aware and more alert in trance than in normal consciousness.

It’s about creating altered states, and we go into altered states all the time. You go into an altered state every time you get mad at the kids, or when you do a crossword. We switch from one programmed state to another all the time we are awake.

Hypnosis is about teaching you how to control those states at will so that you can choose how you respond to a situation.

Why try hypnotherapy?

Imagine being able to change your feelings at will. Imagine for example a time when you feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, you feel panicky, worried and stressed – not a good time to be making decisions about life. And then imagine the same situation but you’re calm and peaceful, alert yet relaxed. Totally different feeling isn’t it?

Can hypnosis create change?

With hypnosis, you can put yourself into a state of tranquility and happiness.

In this state, which we call trance, you make better decisions, feel happier and create better health. When you’re in control of your state of mind you do everything better.  In fact you can create a state of mind for each and every area of your life. You can be calm and relaxed when you visit the doctor to have your blood pressure checked, you can be happy and confident when you have to give a speech, you can be open and receptive when you have to learn something, and most importantly you can learn and model yourself on other people when you want to learn a new skill, or release a phobia or habit.

Hypnotherapy makes it easy with no-nonsense.

Julian Foulkes DABCH MCAHyp uses Advanced Hypnotherapy in his consultations, and is offering a free 15 minute hypnotherapy assessment at the Green Parrot Clinic. Call 01760 724704 to make an appointment.