Seaweed for cooking

In Asia, seaweed is a popular cooking ingredient, used to provide a range of versatile textures and tastes, it is also rich in minerals which it gathers from the sea. Many consider seaweed to be a superfood as it is extremely nutritionally rich. Some popular seaweeds that we have at the Green Parrot include:

Sea Spaghetti

Sea spaghetti is rich in Magnesium and Potassium, so a good source of minerals which can benefit heart health and muscular health. Also, it is extremely low fat, so no need to worry about cholesterol levels! Sea spaghetti contains over 30g of fibre (per 100g) which makes it extremely good for you, especially those who are watching their weight. You can use sea spaghetti as a healthier alternative to normal spaghetti, to give your food an interesting range of textures and flavours.


Dulse has a rich, smoky flavour, and has been likened to the flavour of bacon! It is high in Sodium, Vitamin A and Iron, so this seaweed is good for the blood and helping to maintain your immune system. Again, this seaweed is high in fibre and Potassium. Best used as a supplement to dishes to intensify flavours, or can be cooked and dressed with lemon, garlic and chilli to have as a healthy snack.


Wakame has a silky texture and a low intensity flavour, so is a lovely supplement to soups and salads. On it’s own, it tastes great with some sesame seeds, salt and vinegar to provide a stunning side dish. Some of it’s health properties include it’s extremely high levels of Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium, which are great body-boosters and are beneficial for skeletal health too.


Agar is an amazing gelling agent derived from algae which can be used as a vegetarian alternative to gelatine. It is extremely high in fibre, some sources say as high as 80%! This makes it a great intestinal regulator. In cooking, it can be used for flans, cakes, and anything else that might instead use gelatine, and is a much healthier alternative.